Strategic Priorities

In March 2015, the PSR outlined its expectation that the Forum produces an initial set of strategic priorities for the industry within a year of its first meeting, i.e. by end October 2016.

At the first meeting of the Forum in October 2015, the Forum agreed the following success criteria based on the timelines outlined in the PSR’s March policy statement:

  • The Forum achieves general agreement on a draft strategy within 9 months, i.e. July 2016

  • Consultation amongst the Payments Community indicates general support to the draft strategy

  • A final strategy is delivered within 12 months, i.e. October 2016

To achieve success the Forum developed its high-level programme of work.

High-Level Programme of Work

The Forum has agreed a programme of work that aims to deliver a draft strategy by July 2016 and publish a final strategy by end October 2016.

In order to do so, a number of key milestones need to be met. These are structured around scheduled Forum meeting dates.

The Working Groups support this process by undertaking the detailed work required between Forum meetings and reporting back on the progress they make.

The role of the Forum is to steer this process and approve the final strategy.


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