The Simplifying Access to Markets is chaired by Marion King, Group Director of Payments, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and the deputy chair is Becky Clements, Head of Industry Engagement and Payment Change, Metro Bank.

Deputy Chair

Scope and Deliverables

The Simplifying Access to Markers Working Group has been established to examine whether and how payment systems can be developed in order to simplify access and participation in the markets for PSPs.


Aarron Shaughnessy Microgen
Andrew Jenkins PayPoint (Additional Attendee)
Andrew Williams-Fry VocaLink (Additional Attendee)
Andy Chambers RBS
Andy Hamilton RBS (Additional Attendee)
Andy Hollingdale Bacs (Additional Attendee)
Annika Karlsson Hill Visa (Additional Attendee)
Annika Karlsson-Hill Visa Europe
Bank of England Observer
Becky Clements Head of Industry Engagement and Payment Change, Metro Bank
Carl Pheasey Money Advice Service
Chris Dunne VocaLink
Christopher Hutton Hogan Lovells
Craig Tillotson Faster Payments (Additional Attendee)
Dave Stockwell Bacs (Additional Attendee)
Dominique Braganca RBS
Financial Conduct Authority Observer
Fiona Bradshaw PwC (Additional Attendee)
Fiona Brownsell Tusmor
Georgina Young Bank of Ireland
Glyn Warren HSBC
Isabelle Bouille SWIFT (Additional Attendee)
James Meyrick Barclays (Additional Attendee)
Jamie Martin Clydesdale
Jane Barber RBS
John Doyle Compuserve
Lauren Jones Payments UK (Additional Attendee)
Lisa Felton Head of Consumer Policy, Vodafone
Marina Cozzi Mastercard (Additional Attendee)
Marion King Group Director of Payments, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
Mark Lyonette Chief Executive, ABCUL
Martin Hargreaves Vocalink
Martin Wilson RBS (Additional Attendee)
Mary Buffee Link
Matthew Box Raphael Bank (Additional Attendee)
Mike Banyard Faster Payments
Mike Chambers Bacs
Mike Smith Commercial Director, Raphaels Bank
Natalie Beasley Metro Bank
Nathan Sheppard Nationwide
Norman Taylor Experian
Otto Benz Director: Strategic Payments, Virgin Money
Paula Ramada London Economics (Additional Attendee)
Payment Systems Regulator Observer
Phil Kenworthy PS Consultancy
Philip McHugh Chief Executive, Barclaycard Business Solutions
Qazi Jalisi Electronic Money Association
Rich Wagner Advanced Payment Solutions
Sandy Sancaster FSSTech (Additional Attendee)
Sandy Sancaster FSSTech (Additional Attendee)
Simon Burrows PwC (Additional Attendee)
Simon Chatterton Barclays
Stephanie Watson Cheque and Credit Clearing
Stephen Gilderdale SWIFT
Tim Pigott Nationwide (Additional Attendee)
Tim Watkin-Rees PayPoint
Tim Yudin Payments UK (Additional Attendee)